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 Usage of Internet is exploding in the country. And, as life enters the fast lane, communication between people is turning increasingly digital. As digits replace paper more and more in every sphere, why not digital Greetings & Invitations? Online Invitations are not only fast but also amenable to rich embellishments. They are fast, visual and expressive. Cardlove Team envisions a future where human relationships are enriched by such cards for every occasion.

 What about our traditions? The Indian Wedding is a spectacle with no equals . Our classic paper wedding cards are part of a timeless tradition. Remember scroll invitations? No amount of technological revolution is ever to going to diminish their value. Cardlove’s mission is to be the one-click-platform for easy selection, personalization and printing of Indian wedding cards. So no running around for card design or a hurried scouting for a printer. Cardlove aims to provide a state-of-the-art Invitation website for online everything!